When it comes to designing kitchen storage Al Parron of Kitchen Design Creations in Hollywood Florida, is an expert.  Parron says,  “you have a lot of options before needing a complete remodel. Some people prefer pull-out drawers, others opt for cabinets that can be moved around and stacked on top of each other. Some kitchens even have glass-fronted cabinets and open shelving, which makes it easier to see what you’re storing. Whatever the layout of your kitchen is now—and however much space you have left after all your groceries are unpacked—all these options are great ways to maximize that square footage so you can actually cook something without tripping over stuff every five minutes.  “We’re always happy to do a complete design and remodel”, says Parron, but sometimes with a little kitchen storage organization tips and tricks, a complete kitchen overhaul isn’t always necessary.

Whether you’re renovating or simply need more space, here are some ways to get the most out of your kitchen.

  • Add storage. If you’re renovating, additional shelves and cabinets can be added to increase kitchen storage capacity of your kitchen. Otherwise, it’s time to get creative with what you’ve got! Use wall space by mounting hooks and adding pull out shelves that fit inside cupboards. A pantry organizer is another great option for maximizing space in small kitchens. If there’s not much room around the edges of your countertops, try using corner organizers with baskets or trays that sit on legs so they can be pulled out easily when needed.
  • Get creative with existing drawers and cabinets by utilizing dividers or trays that fit inside them effectively dividing up larger spaces into smaller ones for better organization within each drawer/cabinet unit.

1. Use the walls for Kitchen Storage


You can put a lot of stuff on your walls.

  • Pots and pans. Shelve them in the pantry or hang them from hooks on the wall for easy kitchen storage access.
  • Dishes. Hang plates, glasses and mugs from pegboard hooks or mount them on a wire rack to save space in cabinets and drawers.
  • Utensils, knives and other small items you use every day when cooking can be tucked away in an open cabinet door where they’re out of sight but still at hand when you need them — especially if there’s an overabundance of silverware floating around loose in drawers or cluttering countertops (which there always seems to be).
  • Cookbooks are handy reference materials that often find themselves jumbled together at the bottom of overcrowded bookshelves; solve this problem by hanging those cookbooks on hooks above the kitchen island or near the sink so they’re within easy reach whenever inspiration strikes you for something new for dinner tonight! As an added bonus, this will save some space as well (and let’s face it: we all love saving space).

2. Add pull-out shelves to maximize Kitchen Storage


Pull out shelves are a great way to get rid of clutter and save space easily adding kitchen storage. They’re also a great way to hide appliances you don’t want to see, like your coffeemaker or blender. When it comes time to use these items, simply slide them out as needed.

Here’s how you can install pull-out shelves in your kitchen:

  • Measure the area where you want the shelf installed and decide on either wooden or metal rails depending on what look you want (metal rails work well with stainless steel appliances, while wooden ones work better with wood cabinets).
  • Once those measurements have been taken and materials acquired, measure again from the bottom of each cabinet door up until where they meet with their respective cabinet frame. Take note of any protrusions such as hinges that might prevent installation of a pullout shelf here; if so, reposition them accordingly before installing your new system so everything fits together nicely when done.#ENDWRITE

3. Get a pantry organizer


  • You want to be a good cook, right?
  • You want your kitchen to be organized, right?
  • You want a place for everything, and everything in its place, right?

4. Use up every corner to maximize Kitchen Storage

  • Use up every corner

Look for ways to make use of every inch of space in your kitchen. If there’s room under the sink, you can install a roll-out drawer or some other form of pull-out storage that fits right into this small area. If there’s not much room behind the fridge or stove, attach a magnetic strip to the back of those appliances so that you can store knives and other tools there instead (magnetic strips are also great for storing pots, pans and lids). You can also find clever products like this food storage container with a built-in knife block on one side and a cutting board on the other, which allows you to put it in almost any nook or cranny without taking up too much space:

Another way to utilize small spaces is by mounting hooks around your kitchen cabinets so that everything from cutting boards and baking sheets to cookbooks has somewhere to go when it’s not being used—and all those things will be easily accessible when they’re needed!

5. Add that cabinet to nowhere at the end of your kitchen counter


If you’ve got the space, consider adding a small cabinet at the end of your kitchen counter. It’s a great way to add extra storage without taking up any floor space, and it makes it easy to keep things that are used frequently close at hand.

You can use this cabinet for anything from storing small appliances like blenders and food processors, to organizing pots and pans by size or type (e.g., non-stick vs cast iron).

If you want even more kitchen storage for your countertop appliances—or if you’re just looking for another place to store all those condiment bottles—consider getting a pull-out drawer instead! These drawers slide out when you pull them forward using the handle at their front, which means they take up less room than traditional cabinets while still providing plenty of storage space.

6. Get creative with dry goods storage

  • Use baskets or bins to keep dry goods organized. Baskets and bins are an excellent way to store items that don’t have their own containers (like brown sugar or flour), as well as items that do have their own containers but need additional space (such as rolled oats). They’re also great for storing other types of food, such as nuts and spices, which can take up a lot of room if left in their original packaging.
  • Use a lazy susan when accessing the contents of a cabinet is inconvenient or difficult. For instance, if you want something from the back corner of your pantry but don’t want to move everything out just for one item, get yourself a lazy susan—those fun little rotating disks with high sides—and set it on top of your cabinet so that everything inside spins around until you find what you’re looking for!
  • Use magnetic spice racks to keep spices accessible in an organized fashion to increase kitchen storage. Magnetic spice racks hold small jars upright and make them easy for anyone who needs them (or wants them) without cluttering up any countertops since they stick directly onto metal surfaces like stainless steel shakers and cookware lids; these are especially helpful in smaller kitchens where every available inch counts!

7. Build extra kitchen storage into your island


  • Build extra storage into your island

The kitchen island is a great piece of furniture, but it can also be a space that houses everything from pots and pans to plates and bowls. Add some extra kitchen storage by adding the following:

  • A lazy susan for frequently used items like spices, oil and vinegar, or small appliances like blenders
  • A spice rack (many are made specifically for islands)
  • A wine rack if you have room on your countertop and don’t mind having it out in plain sight
  • A cutting board (these come in different sizes) that fits into an open space under your sink or over the refrigerator door so you have easy access to it when needed—and isn’t taking up countertop space when not in use

8. Divide and conquer your drawers

You can also divide your drawers into sections with dividers. This is a great way to keep different items separate, like utensils, cleaning products and small appliances. Dividers are inexpensive and can be purchased at most hardware stores or online.

For large items like pots and pans, use baskets or bins to organize them in the drawer. This will make it easy for you to see everything at once as opposed to having them all piled on top of each other.

Use these tips to maximize your kitchen storage space

  • Use the walls. If you have a lot of space on your kitchen walls, consider hanging some large hooks for bags and baskets to increase your kitchen storage.
  • Get a pantry organizer. It’s like a drawer that pulls out, but they can be installed in any cabinet (or even on the floor) so that you can store items individually instead of taking up space storing them all together in one big drawer.
  • Use every corner! For example, take advantage of vertical space by putting pot racks above your cooktop or along the wall behind it; use bins to organize things like utensils and spices; hide things inside cabinets with pull-out shelves if possible; add extra storage between drawers if there’s room; build extra kitchen storage into your island…the possibilities are endless!


There are so many ways to get the most out of your kitchen storage. You can use the walls, add pull-out shelves or cabinets, and even build extra storage into your island. Get creative with dry goods storage by using containers that stack well or storing them in baskets on shelves instead of cabinets. Divide and conquer your drawers by using bins and baskets that fit inside them perfectly so nothing falls through when opening doors or pulling out drawers!  If you think you’re almost at capacity, give Al Parron at Kitchen Design Creations a call for some expert kitchen storage advise and how you can easily maximize your kitchen storage space (305) 975-0553.